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About me

10 years as an employed lead designer/studio manager, 6 years a freelancer and current period of 3 years Art Director returning to full time employment with MOI Global. The variety of disciplines and working environments I have thrived within has made my work presence both rounded and highly effective.

Within these situations I have always been involved in the entire process of delivering creative. Winning pitches for private companies with an articulate and engaging presentation style to sourcing/outsourcing work, producing quotations, account handling, invoicing and chasing payment for myself. I know what it takes to succeed collectively within a team and on my own steam.

My 20 years in the creative industry has nurtured my understanding that ideation and making things beautiful is easy in silo, it’s in the bigger organisation where other qualities are required. I pride myself on being approachable, empathetic to everyones pressures and careful not to be too precious about my creations with often unconstructive criticism.

During my career I have demonstrated strong leadership qualities while delivering creative and also problem solving with personnel and client. I have a clear understanding of roles within a studio, recently, my title has required me to take more of a supporting role to the Creative Director which I have performed with ultimate professionalism and respect.

Wherever I have worked, I have been able to write my own campaign copy headlines in harmony with client verticals and effectively flowing copy into creative media deliverables. This proven flair with words makes my current Art Director role seamless while working with writers to form solutions. My recent F5 creative has seen MOI nominated for 3 B2B Awards, Best Multichannel Campaign; Best International Campaign and Best Lead.